SF Bay Area Property Management in 2018

San Francisco Bay Area Property Management requires an in-depth working relationship between tenants, outside vendors, and the property manager.   This has become critical in 2018 considering the high stakes involved with Bay Area property owners and city administrators trying to add affordable housing opportunities.  Think of it as a well-choreographed dance to maximize NOI (Net Operating Income), ROI (Return On Investment) and remain within the law.  Industry expertise and best practices in property management don’t change much from market to market, but there are some elementary guidelines that sometimes get overlooked in a red-hot rental market like the San Francisco and Oakland Eastbay.  An effective SF Bay Area Property Management Company should provide:

  • Efficient, responsive and customised service to both tenants and owners
  • Skill Reduncancy created from team efforts and cross training.
  • Creativity and a solid understanding of administration guidelines.
  • Tangible steps to increase the value and aesthetics of a property.
  • Constant reevaluation of procedures to ensure superior performance.

One of the key duties of a Property Manager is to provide sound and trustworthy financial reporting. Regular and full reporting (often in a month-to-month format) establishes continuity and reduces the number of poor communication, thus maximizing time and minimizing confusion. Such reports should on a regular basis adhere to GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles), though utilizing a greater set of necessities for prime quality assurance is steadily advisable.

Specific reports, such as cash to funds variances, cash circulation and income statements, stability sheets, and full transactional accounting registers, are elementary and necessary to property management.  Bay Area Association Management requires specialized reporting, in the form of HOA Architectural and Compliance Logs, Affordable HAP Vouchers, Tax Credit Project Status Reports, Periodic Commercial CAM Reconciliation, and Resident Violation Notices, may make the difference between a well-funded association and an association that is in legal and financial trouble.

In addition to financial reporting, cutting edge property management software and assisted artificial intelligence are a vital part of logistics. It permits custom-made reporting for each property managed. Investing in infrastructure is important to managing a numerous portfolio.   Bay Area cities such as Oakland, Berkeley and San Leandro have very specific rental requirements that require extensive record keeping.  A well-structured property management system can ensure that errors are not made and that costly fines and assessments are avoided.  Further logistical involvement is necessary for rising bid specs, securing aggressive bids, and coordinating with contractors, distributors, and suppliers.

Preserving, sustaining, defending and enhancing the financial portions of a property portfolio is of paramount importance. Without corresponding efforts in logistical and property administration, neither can receive full success. This consists of emergency administration along with widespread visitations and inspections of the property. Comprehensive inspections ship far-reaching outcomes, and should embrace lobbies, stairwells, landscaping, recreation companies, walks and driveways, parking tons, and other components of the property.

Maintenance and on-site administration teaching packages should be carried out repeatedly. Safety inspections for compliance with loss prevention and OSHA requirements ought to even be carried out. Additionally, the managers must assemble repeatedly to debate market traits, ongoing teaching, contractor service top quality, and current regulatory factors. Following these procedures and refining system effectiveness and cooperation is the surest technique to optimize administration throughout the 21st century.

Why More Bay Area Residents are turning to Rentals instead of Buying

We are all starting to see a  big shift in the San Francisco Bay Area real estate market, as more and more potential home buyers are choosing to rent versus buying.  So why is this actually happening?  Are we going to see a rainbow at the end to this economic cloud?According to the United States Census Bureau, overall US homeownership percentages fell again in 2017 to its lowest level since 1965.  After the ownership peak of 2004, when about 70% were proud homeowners, now only 62.9% against the rent.  According to the census and Federal Reserve data, this indicator is almost a century – and the lowest indicator.   So what’s really going on? Why this trend can only gain momentum? Should we buy houses or rent out? 

Start with Affordability

According to senior economist at Bank of America, one of the biggest problems now is affordability. Housing prices are growing much faster than the average bay area salary, even with dual income households. Easy access to No Income or Limited Income Verification mortgages simply does not exist, as before, for ordinary home buyers. Higher and higher rents (particularly in the South Bay) also does not help. Even tenants who want to buy cannot get mortgages, can not save enough for down payments and it’s getting harder and harder for them to make the leap into homeownership. 

Economic uncertainty

If at present there is some confidence in the economy, this is uncertainty. There is political and global uncertainty, uncertainty as to when technology and the stock market will fail, and uncertainty when many jobs will be replaced by new technologies. Over the next few years, 80% of human workplaces can become redundant.As habits change, large stores in boxes go bankrupt or at least close seats and shed workers to try to stay afloat. These include many of the big names that were known even when our grandparents were in peak working years. Everyone should be prepared to move with a very short notice, and owning a house with a large mortgage can be an important obstacle to this. 


The coming generations are much more equipped with access to knowledge than anything that was before it. My generation saw what happened to their parents who lost their homes during the great crash. They felt desolation. They can also look for themselves and see that many housing markets are pushing new highs. This perceived loss of pain can outweigh the obvious advantages of many potential buyers of domestic consumers. 


Overview describes Millennials as a generation of propulsors. Accessibility can be one driver, but it’s also jobs and a way of life. Forbes data show that 45% of employees do not plan to stay at work for 2 years. A report from CNN Money says that Millennial graduates are likely to have more than 4 jobs by the time they turn 32. In addition, the new mobile workforce can indeed work from anywhere in the world and enjoy a more nomadic way of life. Nobody wants a big ball and a chain of mortgages to keep them from it. 

House ownership is responsibility

People also begin to understand that owning a house is more a responsibility than a dream. A new American dream can be financial freedom and freedom of movement, rather than a white fence and a pledge. 


Owning a house has its advantages. It can still be important. Hiring a tenant definitely benefits landlords and investors more than tenants. In the same note, the tenant of the nation creates more opportunities for investment and financing in the future, and invest more in real estate, but at the same time rent out the places in which they live. If the above points apply to you, be aware that everything is in order to reinvent your own dream and lifestyle. But think about how to invest in real estate to maintain benefits, even if you too will enjoy the freedom of rent.
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