Emeryville Property Management

Emeryville Property Management – Local Market Experts

The team at SLPM Property Management delivers unparalleled service to Emeryville real estate investors by combining 40+ years of regional market expertise with a data-driven approach specialized for Emeryville’s distinct renter demographic.

Emeryville – Thriving Urban Center by the Bay

What makes Emeryville a top rental market:

  • Central location connecting Oakland & Berkeley
  • Ultra-modern apartments and live/work spaces
  • Population nearing 15,000 residents
  • Major hub for biotech and retail corporations
  • Walkable amenities like shops, dining and parks

As investors in the area ourselves, we recognize Emeryville assets require specialized management to maximize occupancy and returns.

SLPM’s Complete Emeryville Property Management

We provide tailored, full-service management:

  • Targeted outreach showcasing urban lifestyle
  • Stringent applicant screening procedures
  • Administering leases and collecting rent payments
  • Vetted contractor network for maintenance/repairs
  • Guiding owners through complex laws and regulations
  • Customized monthly reports with actionable insights
Cutting-Edge Service for an Innovative City

Partner with SLPM to unlock your property’s full income potential within this thriving rental market. Contact us today!