Our Management Process

Working to Keep your Property Profitable

SLPM is devoted to constantly improving our internal processes to keep pace with your management needs and rental income targets. Property management should not only consider the most efficient way to generate rental income, but your personal level of involvement and your future goals. These individual markers are integrated with larger influencers such as current SF Bay Area economic conditions, local East Bay market factors and specific neighborhood rental income trends.

Our Property Management Process has three primary goals:

Client Understanding. This means comprehending not just your financial goals and challenges, but who you truly are as a person, including your most important values and motivations.

Consultative relationships. We do this so that you have a property manager expert to turn to when making key financial and potentially life altering decisions.

Cohesive property management solutions. We provide an organized network of professionals including your CPA, estate planning attorney, and insurance specialist. Our network works seamlessly together to accurately identify and effectively deliver the required range of advanced property management solutions you need.

SLPM Property Management adheres to this three part Management Process to ensure that our clients’ property rents and service levels are tailored to their unique needs and goals, and periodically updated to reflect any changes to those needs and goals.