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We are Sorry to See you Go!

We have received your 30 Day to Move request and have forwarded it to an SLPM Account Representative for processing.

If you do not receive a phone confirmation from SLPM Property Management within (3) business days of submitting your request, please contact us at (510) 569-0722 x120 or email us at

You will be charged rent through the date you have stated you will be leaving. You will also be charged for any additional days you stay after your stated move-out date. In addition, rent will continue to accrue until ALL rental keys are turned in to SLPM Property Management; this applies even if the property is no longer occupied by you.

You will receive a copy of the move-out inspection as well as your deposit within 21 days of the date SLPM Property Management receives ALL rental keys. Refund checks will be made out to ALL tenants on the lease agreement unless we are instructed otherwise.

If you have any additional questions regarding the move out process, please contact us at (510) 569-0722 x120 or email us at

Good luck in all your new adventures and we hope we’ll see you again!